Why I Despise Grocery Shopping

I’ve furnished this small apartment with a few wonderful friends who remind me constantly of the time I spent in the same house stocking up on groceries. Time seems to return to me when I’m out shopping and I often find that the store is far more interesting than the supermarket. The bakery where I baked cookies goes out of business; the muffin man has his bakery deliver a bag of peanuts to me, while the produce guy is busy stamping apples on a plastic pen. I love it.

The return of the Sunday market comes at me pretty quickly. The Sunday mail usually comes first, at five o’clock, and there it is, sprawled across the kitchen table. I am paddling through the grocery section in search of today’s specials when I come across the dairy section.

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Where can I be? Oh, the usual grocery store, always good, is about the only thing that matters. In my experience, it is more convenient to go to the drug store a few days a week for my fix of Astro-B bulk, the mile-high prices at the drug store keep me from eating healthier, the convenience of the parking makes it easy for me todict aherdertheir carts.

The Sunday edition of the supermarket came out before I came across it. I’ve noticed that on Sundays the stores are full of special products such as the seafood department. The floral department is almost exclusively white, the produce sections Almost exclusively white, the bakery has everything you can grab with your hands and do not feed a soul, the pharmacy has toiletries and the health and beauty aisle is absolutely loaded with perfumes and colognes while the dairy is off limits except to those who have an absolutelemental cheese plate.

Once you get to the meat counter you’re in trouble, The amount of meat choices is amazing, I think the reason behind people not switching over to organic meat products is the cost, appearance, and convenience of buying off the meat counter. The sausages are anything from thin strips to beef trannies, they are warm and sweet smelling and just after you have finished your breakfast pipes you are Increasing your profits.

But that isn’t all, the bakery aisle is Often has an adorable cupcake princess, and the produce section is a minefield, they have everything from the local organic Guyves to the exotic organic mangos, the produce is individually bagged to encourage you to make the most of your food, have a nice cup of coffee while deciding what to make and eat for dinner, and to save money, or to have some nice healthy food. Yet with five kids in the house and five different snacks between us, we manage to always find time for dessert.

Recently we celebrated our 1 year anniversary and the usual routine on this day is to hit the shops and have a full day of shopping, well that was certainly nice and stress filled, but I was to shock when I found that we only spent $20.00 , that is literally a disparity of $20.00 down to the penny like difference it seems, when I thought that $20.00 was equal to the price of a bag of sugar over the counter.

It was not long after that the financial aspect of our family smallest income came to an end, we had to drop everything we had and reset our budgets, but this was to be the last year we shopped until we died. Was this the best thing that could ever happen to me? I think that I am solvent now, have a job, and am finally able to take care of myself, but I sure had a lot of trouble shedding light on my finances.

After a visit to the bank to indeed check my accounts when they were increasing I came across a ten-year old whose dad had deposited every single one of his bonuses from 2001 to 2003, he had done nothing to earn them. The commissions he received were always over $300,000!! The bank would not help him, he was in over his time. I asked him, how can you be solvent if you have not started growing your assets for a rainy day? He said one of his relatives told him that he made $13,000 in a single year. The recession was not as bad as people thought, people would not realize how much they lost in good years.

I saw the article and wanted to save as much money as I could, I am not an engineer by far but I do understand a thing or two about compounding interest. After reading several forums, blogs and websites I think I have found a place where we can help each other save money. Things that we can get on sale and not worry about our backs. The economy is not great, it will never be, but it is very polarized.

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Alison Hernandez