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Recently I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing a game by One parent who is a customer service representative for the game company mentioned she has used the game as a way to keep her child entertained while doing chores around the house. While the game itself is not really ground breaking, it is filled with wordy moments and mildly clever lines that are guaranteed to keep your child amused for hours.

As for the findit games box itself, upon opening the box, you will find a cute little bio of the game, a link to the findit games website, and a small mini-gamebook. The game itself is a fun way to learn and improve word recognition. You will be given 30 difficult word tests to record your reaction to 30 certain words. You simply have to record your reaction to the 30 words and then sort them into groups of 4-5.


But what caught my attention is the mini-gamebook that you get with the game. What was interesting is that this game has 60 pages and comes with its own questions sheet as well. The questions included are about finances (in the US, of course), family, friends, romantic life, and health. After sorting the questions into groups my son was ready to sort through the 60 pages to find the 30 chosen word lists.

My son’s enthusiasm was peaked, and he was happy to find the chosen word lists. Upon completion of the 30 exercises, I thought I would rate my son’s score, and based on my observation he earned 100 points.

Here are the features of the game:

Downsides are that you will need to have the time and patience to sort through the exercises; you will not be allowed to play the exercises if you do not complete them correctly (i.e. you get only one chance to do an exercise).

The 30 exercises are full of word association, so you should have a grasp of the topic discussed by these exercises.

Along with the 30 questions, you are presented with multiple choice questions. These are Designed to keep challenging the kids until they give up.

Once your child has spent 30 minutes in the lesson, the 30 secondaroo appears and the circle is complete.

The games are made up of word and sentence completion exercises.

The games are for different age levels. You can play the games with children aged 3 and up; however, when your child gets to age 8, the exercises start to get a little harder so you need to start calling your child “hope” instead of “depression”.

By the way, my son loves the game, and so does my daughter.

My Son’s Rebel Life Review

I thought my son would love this game, as he is very fond of board games. But when I read the materials, I discovered that the dads liked the game as well.

Several of the games are for children aged 3 and up, but one of the most fun is the guitar booster. For the price of $20, it’s quite a bargain. starters for the guitar lessons are $10, so this is quite a tad cheaper than Getting a grip on the guitar, which would cost you about $100.

The Get a Grip games console is small, but has a five inch screen. It also has wireless multiplayer which allows you to play with your mates.

All the games are available on the TYO electronics label. But you might also want to check out the

My Tests on the tyo Xbox 360

I’ve played the tyo Xbox 360 and 3 other video games on it. So far I like the guitar lesson best; seems to be a lot cheaper than the Get a grip and you can playvertical games mediocre online. The slam musical games tutorial was really instrumental in helping me to understand the notes, and get a feel for the keyboard.

The joysticks only allow you to control up, left and right, left and right on the directional pad, not both. This is a little bit strange. You need to re-map the buttons to make it work like the right hand controller. Having the option to turn both analogue sticks on and off is a good idea.

The Xbox controller is standard and I personally have no problem with the controller. Its very responsive and tactile in the right way.

The pop-up activate button is a detail that I like, that will be very familiar to anyone who has used a controller ever so slightly. It is one of those details that made me appreciate the Xbox even more.

For the cost you will be getting a Desktop. Great. It is not like getting a console for your home Progressive Scan TV. Not like 1080p for your Plasma TV.Desktop will be a Vista compatible system. This is great. It will work with your Pocket PC, Pentium M or akin processor.

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