Wholesale Bedding – Buy Direct And Save

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A US market research on the bedding segment, as of December 2009, revealed an increasing demand for specialty mattresses, given the technology advancements and greater disposable incomes in families. This implies a consequent increase in demand for the bed sheet segment as well. And what better way to buy these bed sheets than at wholesale prices!

Wholesale Bedding Buy Direct and Save: Popular Options

Interestingly, the biggest demand for wholesale bed sheets comes from the hospitality sector, which ensures the best in comfort and care for their clientele. There is a huge variety of wholesale beddings to choose from; those ranging from the soft, gentle cotton ones to the satin and silk ones. Here is a gentle peek into the world of bedding:

Silk: The ultimate symbol of luxury, softness and shimmer, silk bedding has a natural, yet sumptuous look and feel to it. They are versatile pieces that can be used all year round, owing to their moisture absorbing (for summers) as well as heat retention (for winters) properties. The fabric, however, is delicate and requires hand washing in cold soapy water and gentle wringing. It must never be dried in direct sunlight.

Satin: This glossy, shimmering fabric is created from a variety of vertically aligned threads, which permit it to have a high shine and glossier feel to it. The fabric’s sheen is enhanced by the raised threads. Satin bedding is incredibly soft, making it a popular choice for hotels and resorts. The fabric is available in a variety of colors to match any decor.

Cotton: This evergreen fabric owes its popularity to qualities, such as breathability, moisture absorption, comfort and variety. The cotton fabric is suitable for both summer as well as winter use. The cotton blend with the signature pop of color makes cotton bedding extremely popular. The cotton variety features natural ring gaps and softness that make it an ideal fabric for summer as well as winter use. If you’re looking for pure cotton bedding, consider the Wonder commented fabric. Wonder is the purest cotton available with the broadest discrepancy between fibers. These unique characteristics make it a favorite fabric for manufacturers.

What to Look for in Summer Versus Winter Divan Bedding

When shopping for bedding for yourself or a guest, the best bet is to shop in excellent seasons when the climate is pleasant. The bedding you purchase in the fall will be much less worn by the time you lie in bed during those frigid winter months. You can purchase heavier blankets to keep your comfort at bay all year round. Another wise option is to purchase light to medium weight bedding for summer and heavier blankets for winter. The medium weight cover is particularly popular during the summer because it provides you with reasonable warmth.

These medium to heavy blankets are perfect to tuck into a small space until the weather warmed. Then you can use the same blanket Richly Scented or freshen up your home during the spring time. Paper dolls as well as other figurines may be purchased for your little girls bed at this time. After the babies have grown, it makes sense to use bold colors such as pink for their room and blue for their room in the winter. If you are tight on space, consider an orange or sky blue blanket and use a zebra blanket as well. Recently, you may have seen hot pink and sky blue bedding trend well beyond the colors available for young girls.

This pink and sky blue trend is not limited to girls’ bedrooms. It is equally as appropriate for the family room or master bedroom. For an inspiring and creative theme, choose a diamond doily or a blanket in rich, vibrant colors. These are available with many variations in pattern, sizing, and printing. Many of these items are produced for the consumer, and with a bit of searching you will find exactly what you want. Keep in mind, when decorating your home, you should use your imagination and it will come together nicely.

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