TheCaillac Escala Fragrance – Is It Worth Your Money?

Almost everyone has heard of The Musto Automotive Company and connoisseurs of luxury cars give their thanks to Musto each time they set foot on a car showroom floor. But few people know that The Musto Automotive Company also manufacturers the prestigious Escala fragrance, which is technically a variant of Ed Hardy’s M-A-D Cologne. M-A-D Cologne has been an instant hit since it was launched in the late 1990’s and Musto’s version looks to be no different.

A recent test by Women’s Wear Daily magazine has seen the Escala name utilized on luxurious periodicals aimed at the glamorous woman. Escala Perfume by John Costello gives the impression of being able to reinvent the ‘moist’ smell of ’70s perfume into something fresh and viable for the modern woman. It is an instant success,endorsing the smooth but sensual delivery of the original fragrance.

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Musto has recently marketed the Escala fragrance to the max. Musto Perfume ads featuring Hollywood stars such as Chancemirria Schwarzenegger andwu-Do-Do are now dominating the mind of everyone, and not for nothing.

The Musto Escala advert features trendy woman wearing the fragrance daily. As per the usual fashion industry trends, the Escala fragrance was scheduled to be released in august of this year but unfortunately, with the tough economic times, it could only be released in September. But that was all set to change when suddenly, word of the popularity and demand for the fragrance spread throughout the world, leading Musto to change the release date by a few days.

Now, Musto and Ed Hardy have teamed up to create a fragrance with the common goal of making it the ultimate scent for the manly man. Although both are established and professional perfumers, Musto Perfumes Ed Hardy nevertheless took the initiative to contact Ed Hardy to see if he could be persuaded to create something for them both.

Musto started by having the main fragrance house in California, Facet Street, create and design the fragrance. After coming up with the name ‘Musto’ from the word must, means ‘to rule or mastery’. Ed Hardy agreed to assist Musto in creating this fragrance and after fruitful working together, came out with his own line of fragrances, Musto perfumes Ed Hardy.

Features of Musto Ed Hardy

Musto Ed Hardy is a blend of spicy Citrus, Green Mango, jasmine and Ginger. The mixing of spicy Citrus and green mango is an reference to the citrus fruits, ingredients that are a part of Ed Hardy’s background. Musto Ed Hardy is a fresh fragrance that is light coloured, very complex and intricate.

Musto Ed Hardy is perfect for the summer season because it is very manly and exciting. There is a great scent coming from the orange,Apple and vine. Musto Ed Hardy is an exciting fragrance that is perfect for your profile.

Known in the industry as a man’s man scent, Musto Ed Hardy is a sporty scent designed for the summer time. With your favorite sports team and adventure sports mixed in with the cucumber, ginger and citruses for a balanced aroma.

Musto Ed Hardy is the perfect summer cologne for men. It is cucumber, light and cooling with a spicy bonus that is definitely for the summer.

Some Further Information on the Product

The fragrance is composed of a citrus vocabulary that is a product of California-based design house towering. Musto or Ed Hardy, located in California, where the population is majority is renowned for its cutting edge culture and contemporary lifestyle. Ed Hardy or Musto as they are popularly known took the time to listen to what the customer wants and the market they satisfy. Musto deliver products that are not only known for their being original and dependable but canada manufactured. cucumber and ginger fragrances are must haves.

Ed Hardy is formulated for men who are intelligent and full of experience in life.Ed Hardy fragrances will make you feel confident and energetic, as if you actually had a Rip It Off. It’s not to say that you have to have a fragrance that smells like a rusty car or an abandoned blend of jasmine and pear. Ed Hardy perfumes are different. You’ll smell clean and refreshing, and it will make you feel great just talking to you. You’ll also feel special and unique just by wearing Ed Hardy fragrances.

Most men like to collect perfume and aftershave, but many men Ed Hardy Perfume makes the perfect gift for a groomsman or co-worker. A shot of Ed Hardy fragrances will make anyone feel like a million dollars, literally!

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