The Secret To Getting Really Cool Freebies

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So you enjoy flaunting your freebies, but are having trouble coming up with ideas for fun things to give free stuff away? Are you sick of the same old stuff? Well, why don’t you take advantage of some cool freebies? Get some free stuff while saving your own money!

Companies love giving away free stuff – it shows they are impressed with your character and your ability to handle stress. We all like to get free stuff for free, and companies know this. Entering the world of freebies is an Ivy League-approved way of doing business and it is becoming a healthy hectic lifestyles, so to speak.

Seriously, getting free stuff means getting “stuff” worth as much as it costs. Consider these points:

– Is it something you normally do? (i.e. grocery shopping,Using Coupons, etc.) If not, write them a note/letter and send it to them.

– Will it be something you buy from other companies in the future? (e.g. use of a coupon for their next sale, purchasing an item from a different brand to split with a friend, etc.) Also, note the frequency of their purchases. If they buy often, write them often. If they buy once or twice a month, please consider your offer.

– Are you really a team player, do you care what you get for free? (i.e. do I care if I get aComplimentary Dinner Table Setfor free, or pay $15.00 for the same table/piece at a grocery store.)

– Do you care what other people think about you? (i.e. am I comfortable buying products from others.) If not, why should I?

– Does it fit my lifestyle? (i.e. am I cooking enough food to satisfy my craving, or am I too busy to make extra time to shop? If not, am I willing to learn where to do it? If the latter is true, I will.)

– Am I passionate about the product? (i.e. am I knowledgeable in the area of that product.) If not, why should I try it out?

– Am I Silent? (hide my unsavory character from the people I want to do business with?) If not, why should I try to sell them items I can’t even buy?

Remember, all of this is a very simplified version of an actual conversation. I once had a smoker come through the door, offering to smoke my barbecue ribs – there was nothing wrong with that, and I was a celebrity of a sort. (By the way, his name was Buddy. expire’tually forgot it.) Anyway, he asked me for my address and started to call me every day for the next month. For the first month I thought this was just part of the process – I sure didn’t anticipate that a business would need to call me 5 times a month.

But the billing system was different. The monthly fee was $19.95, and $19.95 was to be charged every month thereafter. If a person referred a friend, the friend would be charged $15.00 for every referral. If the person referred paid a company $15.00, that company would pay $15.00 to Buddy. Buddy would be paid $15.00 for each person he referred.

That’s right. MoneylineDerbin paid me $15.00 for referring a person to us. Buddy even smelled the dog.

Someday, I’m sure that someone will step up to the plate and say, “How’d you make $1500 in 1day and $3000 in 2 weeks?” To which I respond, $1500 and $3000, my friends. But I digress.

What I’m getting at here is that you can’t expect to make $15,000 in 1 month and expect to keep it monthly. You need to commit. You can’t assume that you can keep running the way you are. You need to set aside 50% of your monthly income, and have 2 jobs. One full time job, and one 2 part time job.

The economy is a messy place, and that’s only one of the messiest revolutions that have hit the world. It’s a mess that needs messy answers.

I’m tired of hearing that we can’t afford what we’re asking for. If we had more money we wouldn’t need to be in this position. If corporations and businesses didn’t have 50% margins, we’d be out of business. If we went into the Wal-Mart store with only $50,000 instead of $250,000 we’d be out of business. Etc., etc. The decisions that we make every day affect our future.

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