The Optimo Tango Stroller – The Perfect Double Stroller For Active Parents

Anyone who’s parent(s) have asked for a baby stroller should make an appearance before thewhateverThe Baby Jogger Optimo Bouncersthat they are trying to decide on. As an active parent, you know first hand the joy of being able to get out and about with limits to your energy and bodily control (i.e: don’t hit yourself in the face). Having a stroller that you can control frees your hands up for other tasks.

The Optimo Stroller, while it looks intimidating, is actually quite easy to maneuver and turns on a dime. It has parking brakes on the rear wheels and a lightweight design for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. Considering it folds to a compact profile, it is amazingly easy to use and carry around for more than a one-night trip.

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Double jogging stroller? Yes, it is. You can have your daily exercise with your two young children in tow, too! Since it can accommodate two infant car seats (one per seat), it allows you valuable flexibility in storage space.

How do you know it’s safe? With the gauges and the colored stripes, the Optimo Duette is clearly not a typical stroller. The English magazinedogood test published by the newspaper ‘Consumer Reports’ looked into the innards of the stroller and found ‘ reused’ parts from other products. The Safety Features Statement reported that the parts are made ‘according to the highest standards possible’ and that the materials are twist proof to eliminate dangerous possibilities.

Customers were amazed by the amount of storage the Optimo Duette has. It has a spacious cargo basket under the seats and great for all the other stuff you’ve got packed away in the past. Storage under the seats is a snap-on, simply lift the frame and pop the seats in. The tubular steel frame is amazingly lightweight, you can fold it up easily and store it away compactly. The wheels have high quality, heavy-gauge steel. It has a tracking speed of 10mph and the knee rests are rise-resistant. The padded handle bar, adjustable height, and padded bar stools provide for a comfortable ride. The top tether strap and jungle clip are also great features.

Safety features include a sun hood with a viewing window, five point harness, and removable canopy, 5-point harnesses, and an adjustable leg rest. There is also a removable, height adjustable canopy. The tire arrangement is a 4-1/2″ width for a smoother, more comfortable ride, with the front fender buildup converts to a shoulder harness.

The Jenny Craig Baby System, manufactured by the URLs, is a combination double and twin stroller. The twins have their own separate seats, but they can look out at the same time, with the action of the front seat swivels let you move things back and forth. The Perpetual Swivel Double Stroller from Jenny Craig is more of the traditional side-by-side style. One of the twins can sit independently of the other. The seats are wide and have a lot of leg space, but the wider 19″ locking seat post may be problematic for those with wider legs. It may become uncomfortable for some to use the Perpetual Swivel Double Stroller as a promotion or even as a tandem stroller. There is no getting around the fact that the Perpetual Swivel Double Stroller is really two strollers in one.

The technically listed weight for the Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller is the 20 lb. weight capacity, which means that there should be room for growth in the future. The 20 lb. weight capacity holds one kid comfortably, but if the second child is going to be around in the future, this might not be the best weight to choose.

The dimensions of the Double Stroller are: 42″x25″x34″. The Perpetual Jogging Stroller has a nice wide base thanks to the presence of the five-point harness. The seats are plush and comfortable, if not overly stylish, with a thick strap for extra comfort. One thing that is nice is that the handles are raised, making it easier to pick up and carry, with the storage basket on top.

Both jogging strollers have a sun hood, with the Schwinn Double boasting 180 degree viewing afforded by its unique “V” shape. The view is much better from the front and side views, although looking through the rear lens of the Optimo stroller provides a much better view. One thing good to know on the double stroller is that it is not notoriously difficult to fold – it is basically a consistencies, with a deep folded position Intelligent position that facilitates easy storage.

The stroller is equipped with business-quality controls.

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