TASER Is The New Kung Fu

The alternative self-defense weapon, stun gun, requires a bit of introduction. A lot of people when they first heard about the term “stun gun”, straight away knew it was not for their guns. Stun gun is a designation given to a tall, thin board with two electronic polarity conductors attached to it that conduct an electrical charge between the two prongs. The charge is strong enough to cause temporary paralysis and loss of muscle control in the affected muscles.

The stun gun is powerful enough to deer down a rodent, although that might be too much for humans with bigger upper body strength. The most popular stun gun on the market, the “Z-Force 300,000 Volts Taser Gun”, has a voltage of 775,000 volts and seventy foot range. The Hunting Shack model Z-Force is self defense model with a three inch red dot sight and has a three hundred seventy dollar guarantee.

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To the average civilian, the stun gun is just some junk that can be used as a toy. Devices like this that are as powerful as they are small are not usually intended for use against people, they are intended for use against an aggressive animal, a person-shaped intruder or perhaps something that is unexpected and extremely rare. The likelihood that it will be used against a person is quite small. Most personal use Stun Guns are sold only to law enforcement and are not available to the public.

The stun gun is a device whose purpose is to disrupt the communication between the brain and the body which causes a minor interruption in the conduct of the body. A powerful enough device can be effective even on a person who is a known sufferer of sudden cardiac death-the device on him might not even register a jolt, let alone fear him.

The cell phone is also a relatively strong device that is not even seen. The cell phone has kiosks programmed in mostly all the cardiovascular hospitals that are within the safety perimeter of the cell phone. The voltages running up and down the wires of the walkie talkies also happen to be much less than those of a stun gun.

The personal alarms are also a category of the security device culinary that are usually utilized as a means to call for help for members of the team to come to the immediate location of the victim.

Since the shock effects are sometimes more than a match for the attacker, self-defense using the stun gun requires a certain philosophy. While the Weathermatic Smartline stun gun offers a more aggressive means to resist the attacker, the philosophy requires that one use the device for the purpose of necessity.

The Weathermatic Smartline stun gun should be used as a last line of defense because there is no sense in giving the attacker any opportunity to bargain or bargain. Keeping the attacker at bay is what the objective should be.

The Weathermatic Smartline stun gun offers a disabling technology that is on the level with pepper spray. The cell phone-like, features an electronic trigger device that delivers a charge – over a cell phone – to the point the person is incapacitated and rendered unable to move. The charge, of course, is not effective on a person who is mentally stable.

The Weathermatic Smartline also includes a laser sight for added accuracy in aiming difficult-to-reach areas. Laser aimed, accurate fire is necessary when the attacker is up close and powerful enough to seriously injuring or even killing him.

One of the Modern Science unit, the Investigating sensory attractant disperses a warm, fuzzy glow patronizing the area around the user. This attractant effect has direct contact with the point of contact, which is the most intense area of contact. The problem, of course, is that it can be confusing for the witness and widely misused, although not as popular as the other devices.

Theylene Bisphenol A, or commonly known as the BPA, is an endocrine disruptor that is found in the plastic manufacturing process. It is also used as an epilator, although not as extensively as the Parlux 3200. The intent of BPA is to prevent premature receptacle of the sperm and its subsequent fertilization. The end result is that, although BPA is not in the end product, it is in the manufacture of some of the components of the product and can be found in the blood of the user. Since the product is not intended to be absorbed through the skin, it can be found in thehaustion ducts, lungs and the pleura.

It is for this reason that individuals who are considering purchasing a stun gun should consider the advice offered by their physician.

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