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The economic slowdown that’s being experienced worldwide has definitely affected American consumers. People aren’t interested in buying expensive cars and television sets anymore. With the cost of daily commodities, furniture, household items and more going up, even the high middle class populations are flocking to dollar shops for their needs.

We’re no longer talking about toys and other trinkets, here. We’re talking clothing, food, books, furniture, crockery, and a million other products. The cost of everything keeps going up, so why not use a little of your precious time and save a bundle at the same time.

We live in troubled times, and with the prices of everything skyrocketing, even the middle class is feeling the effects. Defying all the bunk in store ads that say “down payments guaranteed”, today’s middle class is actually taking on more debt than in the past. More importantly, with more and more people working, it has become difficult even for those of us who can still afford to pay for our own purchases.

Purchasing more things individually can be appealing; but if you have a tight budget, dollar shops are amazing places to shop. You can save hundreds of dollars on clothing and other items. You can then use the extra money you saved to patch up any holes in your budget.

There used to be a time when only those on the upper classes had means to shop at department stores. Those were the good old days. We shopped at the corner store, the big box, or the local wool shop. If you couldn’t afford it, any one of these would have done. That was before the retail industry was able to dramatically change the distribution structure of the goods. Today, many of us are finding that dollar shops are among the best ways to save money on high quality items.

We all know that warehouses can hold a lot of clothing; but have you considered how much storage space those little boxes can hold? How much clothing can you store in a relatively small warehouse, versus a huge warehouse that weighs over it’s own weight and width? For clothes, it’s the latter. Dresses, pants, shorts, etc. can be stored in the smaller dress Well, you can fit another shirt inside that same space…

Once you’ve selected the type of closet or storage closet that you want, you have to think about the number of garments you usually buy. There are ten basic styles of clothes:

1. Men’s Shirts

2. Men’s Trousers

3. Women’s Shirts

4. Women’s Trousers

5. Children’s Shirts

6. Children’s Trousers

7. Vintage Trousers

8. Classic Trousers

9. Rock

10. closure styles

11. button, button front, open front

12. center pull, center pull, transoms

13. 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, shoulder

14. sleeve, throat

15. pants, pleated

16. garment bags, garment bags

17. footwear, work

18. Notch

19. lamp

20. diamond

21. bar

22. bevel

Now, each of these styles has width and length adjusted to fit any body type. As you can see, flashing one or two sizes bigger or smaller can really bring out some personality and fashion in you. So, do some searching around your local mall, if time permits.

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