Looking Closely At The Body Fragrances Available Today

The art of body scenting has been around since ancient times. However, today’s body fragrances are technically more advanced than those from centuries ago. Many ingredients are added to our perfumes for a subtle boost that we are now enjoying as a result. One of the ingredients added to many classic fragrances today is coconut. More information is offered about the many benefits of using coconut body fragrances.


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Many people are familiar with the scent of freshly sliced Pineapple. That scent has a lot of natural recipes woven into it. The scent is made possible by taking coconuts and squeezing them carefully. The result is a heavenly concoction of coconut milk, sunlight and salt. There are many recipes that can be found online that will allow you to make your own homemade pineapples.

Coconut Body Lotion

Also popular today is the body lotion made from coconut and other plant-based ingredients. This product works out so well that it is basically the same scented produce as your favorite body soap. The scent is pleasant and luscious and is a great alternative to traditional body fragrances.

More Than Scent

Your sense of smell is the most powerful of all the five senses. Yet all of the other five senses can help your brain determine the freshness or unpleasantness of a product before you buy it. The brain reacts to smells that people come in contact with frequently. This is the reason for including pineapples and coconut body fragrances in your list of favorite body scents.

The ability to smell correctly is one of the reasons that many people are turning to organic products. The more you can identify scents the better you are at making buying decisions. It is for this reason that body fragrances are becoming more popular. As market trends continue to move in the environmentally friendly direction, more and more products become organic. As we become more aware of the premium fragrances that we need to purchase, more new scents become available.

For many years, the word “organic” has been synonymous with “natural” or “non-synthetic”. Today, this has changed. Consumers are looking for more natural products. However, it is important to understand that not allOrganic Productsare necessarily chemical free.

Even though the ingredients are chemical free, you still need to read the ingredients to be sure that they contain ingredients that do not interact with your body. You may also want to ask about any ingredients that you do not normally have in your body.

If you cannot find every chemical in the ingredients, there are many chemical free products available. The nice thing about using a natural body fragrance is that it usually has no ingredients at all. One of the reasons why body fragrances come in such a wide variety of different varieties is that not all of the ingredients can be found in your favorite natural body fragrance.

More than a Body Fragrance

Many people think of body fragrances as the scent that a person puts on while they are getting ready to have a baby. The same thinking should apply to the shaving cream and body bars you put on before you go shaving. Many people have a favorite brand of shaving cream or a body bar. If you cannot find the ingredients in that favorite product, you may want to consider buying another brand.

Most people that enjoy body fragrances should consider buying a body fragrance like Cacharel. Many people recognize Cacharel for it’s delicious body scent. You might enjoy the Jean Paul Gaultier Blue Jean.

Some popular body scent are by Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Yves Saint Laurent. You may not find all of these on the shelves of your local department stores, but you can get a smaller size or even try a sniff of one of the celebrity perfumes.

Buy yourself a body fragrance that goes well with your body chemistry. You can find many products on the market that are formulated to be body fragrances. Blending is the key when designing a perfume. The perfect perfume for you body chemistry will blend perfectly.

Some scents you cannot smell on your skin will smell great when you spray the perfume on a towel. The key is to spray a small amount of perfume on your hand and dab it to your body once you have made your perfume purchase.

There are also lotions that you can apply to your body for added dose. You can find a lotion that reminds you of your favorite perfume. You can find this by searching online for body cologne that has a scent that is familiar.

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