Is The Best Towel Liner Towel Dispenser On The Market?

Tearing a foldable towel in half is not only a little inconvenience, it is a lot of work, and sometimes it is hard to do all the work of putting the towel neatly back in place. Some homes tend to fill their towel dispenser with assorted colors of towels, but if you have an old black and white bathroom painted the way you wanted it to be, you may not be able to find the exact match you want anymore. Beside the problem of your old bathroom mirror not fitting properly anymore, sometimes you also have to deal with their tiny tip being broken and food scraps all over the place. That is why you need the best towel dispenser on the market. This article will give you an insight into some of the best models on the market.

As standard, you have the old type roll towel dispenser that is made of heavy duty plastic with an annoyed looking sensor that lacks an eye bolt and makes it a pain to refill. It is a very common and well-liked model that you can probably pick up a great deal on from places like Wal-mart or Target, or even better, pick up one of these dispensers to avoid the hassle of spending hard-earned money on a replacement.

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This newer style dispenser is a little more modern, and it is basically the same thing, but it is a lot stronger and has a few useful attachments and settings for the different uses that we find for it. The Dispenserfill station can be plugged into, and the sensor is recessed into the surface of the dispenser, making it much less offensive to the eye, and the sensor can be removed so that you can refill your dispenser without a problem. The wider feed tube means it will dispense a larger volume of liquid, meaning more savings on your checkout.

This model also has a self-restringing coil, which basically means it can self-restruletheself should you tilt the towel out of the way. The settings are digital, which is nice because you can adjust them for your particular needs, but they are also cross-model hot and cold. This means that the settings for each kind of towel are different, but they share the same pot. The cold setting is nice for soothing down the Skin, while the hot setting does what it’s supposed to do, but is a lot more powerful. Another nice benefit of digital settings is that they are easy to change for individual needs. No more fumbling with interface settings as well.

If you’re picky about how your towels feel, then you’ll appreciate the “Smart Pump” feature. The pump is cleverly designed, minimizing tubing length so there isn’t much tubing exposed, which provides for a comfortable feeling for you. The dispenser is also great because it is self-priming. The pump releases 15 ounces of solution in the fastest amount of time possible.

If you’re looking for a high quality towel dispenser that is robust, yet extremely stylish, then you should seriously consider the Avanti Ultra Luxe Grabber. The French-made product is built to last and built to be extremely durable, as is evidenced by its durability and “hard-wearing” durable rubber squeegee that comes with the deal. The downside is that the dispenser is a bit more expensive, but that’s still quite a bargain given all of the features that the dispenser has.

Another hot new technology for 2013 is “neoprene” fabrics. These fabrics are extremely flexible, are extremely soft, and provide many excellent washing and cleaning features. Just one of the many blistering features is the fact that the fabric is extremely easy to launder, being extremely lightweight, and the commercial-quality fabric softens up very easily after washing. Gone are the days of spending hours trying to hand wash a wadded up rag or using a beer froth spray. The Avanti Ultra Luxe Grabber is also extremely soft, coming in at just a hair under four ounces.

The Neoprene fabric technology is compliments of Avanti’s wastakter microdermabrasion fabric. These high end fabrics offer an ultra soft feel that is perfect for everyday use, and the best part is that they are all designed to tear down completely and trap the dirt and debris inside the fabric – as a result the air trapped in the fabric is forced out through the release valves. This process creates a deep well of water with many deep pockets or wrinkles, making the material extremely soft.

Avanti didn’t cut any corners when it comes to these features and materials, Beyond the Avanti Ultra Luxe Grabber, Avanti also has the Avanti Linen Look fabric to offer the luxury look and feel of linen.

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Alison Hernandez