How To Find The Best Hiking Boots

Quality boots are designed to help you in different ways.  By keeping you protected with aids like hiking boots, you can have more fun because you are more comfortable.  Comfort is the basic need of hiking.  As many people who have lots of experience in hiking can tell you, hiking is very comfortable but more importantly you are more likely fall victim of the severe weather.  Because of nature, the earth is not always friendly to your feet.  Trees, bushes, flowers, surprises, and even other hikers can cause blisters and even ankle cramps.  Whether you are female, male, young or old, you can always find the right hiking boots for you.

Some people claim that they do not need a pair of hiking boots at all.  These are people who do not understand the importance of hiking boots.  Believe it or not, many people place importance on hiking boots.  Because of this, manufacturers make sure that they are durable and offer warranties.  Hiking boots are specially designed to be sturdy so that they can offer more support while hiking.  Now that represents good quality hiking boots.  Hiking boots also are able to keep your feet dry for longer periods of time.


But does everyone need to buy hiking boots?  No,  actually not.  Although shoes are the most common boots used for hiking, because of the way that they are designed they can protect your feet from harm.  Because of this, many people choose not to wear hiking shoes.  They actually prefer to wear boots made of a different material entirely.  Hiking boots made of leather are just one type of hiking boot that can be purchased.

Leather hiking boots are actually designed more for your feet than your toes.  This is why many people who only hike on trails choose to wear leather boots.  Because of this, leather is a good choice if you have an infected foot, you will not get ticks or fungus.  Although ticks are not the only disease that you can run from from on nature trails, it can certainly be a concern.

Now, if you think that leather boots are going to be extremely heavy, think again.  These boots are usually light weight and also very durable.  You can expect a leather boot to last for years, while still looking good.  You can look casual for the day, then go for an upscale look for the evening.  The only decision you have is what style you would like to wear and how much you would like it to weigh.  These boots are very flexible and will fit to any shoe size.

Probably the most important decision you would make when deciding on a pair of boots is how comfortable they are.  Again, leather comes in different styles and you can find a style that you prefer out there.  The key is to try them on and move around a little in them before you buy them.  The right pair of boots can make your trekking or trail walking much more enjoyable.  Think about the type of hiking you will be doing before you make your purchase.  If you are a beginner hiker,  you should look for something that is not overly heavy, but  is still durable.  It is easy to simply overfill your boot with a blanket of synthetic material just to keep you warm.  Once you have experienced the warmth of a light material boot,  you will be ready to move on to the next style of boot!

Another great option is to purchase your boots already finished.  It is a little odd writing reviews about a boot that I have not even had the opportunity to wear.  But, I would like to share my experience with you.

I have been wearing Cordura primer, Gore-tex waterproof boots, and military style boots for most of my life.  I always have a pair of cordura gloves permanently in my gear bag for any emergencies.  My father has the same pair and I called him after one of his fingers was injured.  He has pressed the army style boot on his injured finger and it still healing.  I have used the same pair of boots since high school as well.  I have to admit they are not the best hiking boots ever, but they are good enough.

After 10 years of constantly buying these military style boots, I broke down and bought a pair of cheaper, less durable boots.  I didn’t pay much because I figured, “what can go wrong?” After wearing them constantly for two years, I decided to return them. Now, the boots that I have are still as good as new, and much better condition.

So if you are a military-style boots lover, you still have time to go out and treat yourself.  Just remember, lower your expectations and buy a well-known brand name boot.

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