How To Choose The Perfect Suitcase

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When looking to purchase new luggage for your trip, it can be a difficult process as there are so many different types, shapes, sizes and styles of cases on the market. So how do you choose the best one, and the one that’s right for you?

This guide will give an insight to all the in’s and out’s of suitcases, enabling you to choose the perfect one.


Obviously suitcases come in many different shapes and sizes. Your most likely travel luggage will be between 1 bis 4 feet and 2 feet in length. If your travel luggage is longer than this you may want to consider lightweight fabrics or bags with rollers, as they can be very easy to carry.

On the other hand if you only intend to go by plane, you may not need to invest in long luggage. The problem with these is that they are very heavy and once you off them you have to store them. However this problem is changing, with the manufacture of light weight luggage; you can now get luggage that will suit any journey, and are very easy to store.


The main thing you need to consider when choosing a suitcase is its rating. There are different standards for suitcases, depending on the weight, security and baggage of the suitcase. The weight rating comes from the sum of 2 parts weight plus the number of bags. For example, if the suitcase weighs up to 8 pounds plus the number of bags, the weight of the suitcase is 8 pounds.

This is the essence of going by the weight; as long as the suitcase keeps the same number of items inside it, it is fine.

With new lightweight designs and improved quality leather, suitcases are getting sturdier and can now bear the weight of more items. The number of items have certainly increased over the years and this is what creates the heft problem. Many cases are now classed as hazardous waste and should not be transported on aeroplanes because of the risks they pose.

Custom Made

It is now quite easy to find and order custom made suitcases through the internet. While this option is not without its problems, the big problem is that not all companies are honest, or high quality. Using a dealer through the internet is therefore strongly advised against because you can bet that your luggage will be well looked after.

For the safest way of choosing the right custom-made suitcases for your journey, it is best to leave it to the expert. Also, the larger companies will be more reputable and have better support systems. However if you want to be on the safe side you can do some research on the web and find out all the reviews and comments about companies that you can find favourable or negative.

Smaller companies will possibly have to stick to a certain size or weight guideline to satisfy the airlines, but should they not then we have to check whether we can get the same item from another company, or look elsewhere.

baggage tags will help you identify which company or courier processed your luggage, and you will normally be offered a warranty of around one year, although sometimes this will vary according to the quality and product of the luggage.

Plastic suitcases are still quite popular in the market, although even here you have to be careful, as they may either have been overused, or bunged. In the case of damaged bags, you can take it to the nearest courier office, or you can also call your airline company.

Cargo ships are usual carriers of suitcases, and they will normally carry only the most heavy-duty ones. It is best to check the weight following the size criteria given above if you have to pay any extra costs in this case.

Jets are also among the favorite cargo ships, as they are required to have the largest cargo holds to avoid any collusive interference. Apart from collusive interference, a further concern is the condition of the suitcase, and you have to find out the manufacturers reputation for producing generally good products.

Since people now have different requirements in terms of suitcases, some of them carry fragile items. People should exercise care so that the suitcases they are going to carry are not broken even if they fall from a certain height. Further, accessories like clothes can also be carried in it. However, people who have to travel a lot should also check out the holding capacity of the suitcase in terms of weight and the time they can stay in transit. It is better to check the quality of the bag before making a deal with any retailer, and especially before buying it.

The latest standard of suitcases is far better than the old standards that were used in the past. These are of a good quality, and far more than the suitcases available in the market. The weight and the suitability factor are the main factors that determine the suitable size of a suitcase.

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