How To Choose The Perfect Suitcase

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When looking to purchase new luggage for your trip, it can be a difficult process as there are so many different types, shapes, sizes and styles of cases on the market. So how do you choose the best one, and the one that’s right for you?

This guide will give an insight to suitcase shapes and the considerations you need to take into to make the best purchase.

The steershape rule:

If your trip takes a shape that is not a standard size, say i.e. a business case, or a large briefcase, then consider trying out any shape you like before you buy. Tote bags can be spacious and the additional size can give you more of a choice. If you like, you can carry your entire office or document box, for example. A tote bag may be the perfect size for you.

However, remember that tote bags often have a short handle because of their spacious open style. Little ones may sit comfortably in a tote bag, but oversized suitcases may be too heavy and not straightforward to carry.

How to pack:

Once you have a particular size in mind, try to figure out how you will pack the things you need on your trip. Will you pack them in your luggage? Will you bring lightweight luggage? The answer to these questions will make you better decide if a tote bag will be right for you.


One reason that you should do more research about the weight of the items you are planning to bring on a trip is that luggage is not always cheap. Not only that, even if you are traveling for a short holiday you still have to check the airline’s luggage weight for some of your items.

Depending on the type and the weight of the items, you may want to purchase an item that has a weight limit. If you are planning on bringing along a lot of breakable or fragile items then buying a heavy duty luggage may be the best idea.

However, for a lot of regular travelers, a lightweight luggage will be more advisable. Lightweight luggage is usually the kind that has a lot of storage pockets and compartments so that you can keep your clothes and other items well organized.

However, for those frequent travelers who would like to make the most of their time while traveling, a hard sided suitcase may be a good investment. A soft sided is a normal bag that contains a lot of padding, so if you are not too careful, you might not even get the bag’s name.


Another consideration that you should factor in is the material of the suitcase. As much as you would not want to risk the safety of your items, you also do not want to obtain suitcase that will break apart any moment soon. Hard sided bags can be a bit more expensive, but they will help you prevent the breaking of certain parts.

While soft sided bags can be a bit much to handle, it is very possible to find a lot of good soft sided luggage especially if you know where to search.

After you have checked out all of your options, and determined the type of material that would best suit your needs, you are now ready to go shopping. As much as you want to be able to find a reliable dealer that will offer you the best deal, you also need to make sure that you know the dealers selling the best product.

Just to be able to get the most out of your travel money, you may also want to consider getting a luggage set. When you take your luggage set to the store, it is very possible that the dealer will want to give you a discount on the set. So, you may also want to save some money and get a discount luggage set.

In the end, you want to make sure that you can get the set that is perfect for you. Going in for a hard sided or soft sided suitcase may prove to be the right call for you. Also, you may want to stay away from travel shoes. While you can find these in plenty, they may turn out to be very uncomfortable to wear.

In the end, you need to make sure that you have identified all of the elements that you may want to consider when buying a new suitcase. Also, you need to be prepared for all of the possibilities that may arise.

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