How To Choose A Good Crib Mattress?

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Your baby spends 10 – 16 hours a day in his crib. The crib mattress that you bought for your baby is very important for his comfort. Getting the right mattress is very important because it helps to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SID) and sudden infant death syndrome (SIS) among young babies.

In choosing the right mattress, there are a number of factors that you need to consider:

The softness or firmness of the mattress:

Research shows that firmness among mattresses does not necessarily help in comfort. Most of the research done in this field shows that softness does make a difference in how much dust mites that burrow down and enter the burrow of a sleeping baby.

Research has also shown that babies that lie flat have a better chance to be comforted and lie still for a longer time than those that sleep on their backs or stomachs.

Therefore, it is important that you buy a mattress that is soft enough to fit your baby perfectly.

How much thickness does the mattress have:

The thickness of a mattress is associated with how much bounce you get when you toss and turn. The rule in the industry is that the thicker the mattress, the more bounce you’re likely to get.

A 4 lb. mattress is good for babies who weigh 8 lbs. and up, while a 6 lb. mattress is good for babies who weigh 10 lbs. and up.

The thicker the mattress, the added bounce you get will help you to ensure that your baby stays comfortable while she or he sleeps.

You should consider a twin mattress size as this will give you and your baby plenty of room to move around in.

A full size might be good for you when your baby gets older.

Take into consideration the height of the mattress as well. Be sure that the mattress allows you to put your baby comfortably on to the bed.

Are the beds independently adjustable?

This type of mattress is often available from baby mattress manufacturers at different price points. Therefore, you might have to adjust the mattress yourself in order to get the perfect fit.

The more adjustable the mattress is, the more likely it will be to conform to the exact shape of your body. This puts the mattress into the “learned” position where it is most comfortable.

You should also consider the presence of stress points on the mattress. Stresses tend to put added pressure on certain areas of the body. That might be your hips or your shoulders.

A good mattress should have none.

Your baby’s comfort should be your highest concern. Make sure that you find a mattress that is as close as possible to the similarly sized crib in your home.

Look for a mattress that offers a layer of foam that can be easily removed. Some covers may pose such a danger to your child that they are forced to spend rest of their lives in such covers.

Check the quality of the foam and the density of the cover. The latter is directly reflected in the cost of the mattress.

How the mattress is manufactured largely determines the quality of the mattress. Some manufacturers use dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process. These chemicals include but are not limited to: flame retardants (notably polyurethane and vinyl), ionic compounds, and phthalates.

The latex foam (vinyl) cover presents numerous safety issues. The most significant safety issue is that latex foam is subject to recalls of consumer interest.

You should also consider durability. The mattress should be third-party tested and conform to a code of quality if you want the product to last.

Keep in mind that the cheapest mattress is not always the best. counterpart manufacture with the same name brand is good. You will pay more for the warranty and for the quality of the product.

As with many products, too many problems can affect your purchase. You should learn to collect information before purchasing. In this way, you will be more informed and can make a more informed decision.

The main issue is to test the product and see for yourself. Through the Internet, you can easily find a number of customers who have written reviews. You should read at least two reviews before you buy.

It is always best to buy a mattress, then test it personally.

Many customers who have tested mattresses have posted their own personal views. Online forums are also a good source of information. If the item is an unfamiliar brand, ask the dealer to contact you.


Always remember that the product is not expected to last forever. It will eventually deteriorate and become defective. Anyone using an item for a long period of time needs to maintain it as a condition of using it.

It is best to keep the mattress clean and dust free.

Mattress cover:

Shopping for a mattress cover can be confusing.

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