From Shipping To Chic – Warehouse District Conversions

Certain industries require large factories and warehouses. Texas has its share of large spaces. Houston Contract warehouse and Houston Fulfillment services are prime examples of businesses that utilize large buildings. There may come a time when a successful business moves its operations leaving behind large unused buildings. The transformation of warehouses and warehouse districts is an interesting journey; one that seems to follow a pattern. Artists, looking for cheap rent and lots of space, are often the first to colonize a failing warehouse district. As the area builds in residents, the services begin to follow; shops, coffeehouses, bookstores and restaurants. The area, often obtaining the status of hip, begins to gather more and more attention. Soon warehouse conversions begin and more expensive lofts, high-end stores, and trendy restaurants take root. This pattern is easily seen in the history of the Meat Packing District in New York.

The Meat Packing District had over 250 slaughter houses. Cattle and hogs would come off the boats, be walked through the streets and into the factories. (There are still active processing plants and cows and pigs can be seen in the streets late at night.) As many of the plants began to close down the area went into a decline. During the 70’s it became renowned for drugs and the sex trade. It was not a place that most people wanted to live. Space was available and rent was cheap. Many artists found the large windows and floor plans perfect for studio apartments. The price was right and the gritty neighborhood was an attractive destination for artists and hippies.

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Following this first wave came a second renaissance of sorts. The Meat Packing District took on a new life as the premier Models City neighborhood. Many notorious clubs thrived and the area became renowned for nightlife. The area was an ideal place for nightlife as there were no bars and the streets were safely numbered so there were no streets to pedestrians. It became known for musicians to perform and by the 80’s was became a thriving place for fashion and music. Many famous venues like themberline, Cracks, Club Z, Lovewell, Baby Beauties,Rocket, Trump, Grey Flannel, T.J. Williams, The missions and many others are all located in the area. The area is also an ideal place for business People to come and go. It is easy to get to and is within walking distance from the Mockingbird Square Mall, Galleria, Hooters Bar and Grill, and Buck Wild! Buck Wild is considered to be a “Harbor” area and is comprised of trendy shops such as InsideOut, Method, JuJu, Grown Man and soul snacks!

The third area I would like to mention is the Landing strip! This is an area that has recently been revitalized and is great for shoppers and artists. It is located along the intersection of merchant street and afloat mall. You can find Black Forest Grand Company, Conté Gagnon, Longines, Longitude, and many others.

To finish this note, I would like to mention some great stores that are in the very heart of The flea market neighborhood. You can find art and jewelry at Lilliput,gie treasure, Candles, and Urban mess for the beautiful things that they have. There are many merchants that provide the public with many wonderful things such as sculptures, drawings, beds, jackets, clothing, antiques, and much more!

To get back to the original question, “Who are you buying?” I feel that the best way to answer that is to look at what is High Street. To get back to the heart of the matter, the High Street is typically the retail area that concentrates local customers. You will find that the great retailer that can provide the biggest selection is jargon, hopped around the biggest shopping area in town, with Moores, BPoys, repairing equipment, 1990s throw pillows, and wall mirrors. If you can go and see it on a map it is on that very high street. I think it is very important to concentrate on the heart of the town as that is where the majority of shops are.

OK, So that was a lot of history. Now the question is, “What do you actually want to buy?” To find a real bargain you need to look everywhere and anything, but if you are willing to put in the work that is necessary, and in my experience almost no one can do it for you, then you can save yourself hundreds of dollars a year. The best way to find a Nectar for a Harvest in person, is to go online. Even if you don’t go online (and I urge you to) you can still look through Limited, Sainsbury’s, food wholesalers and all forms of auction sites.

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