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Oric the American public is ready to purchase a wide range of products, ranging from airline tickets to workout equipment. However, many consumers are still   waiting in anticipation for the release of the R9 Kats 1. There are a number of reasons why this product might not be as successful as the trainers want or need. In this article, we will outline why the R9 Mats are not as successful as the initial expectation.

High costing products such as weight loss and exercise equipment often have a slow take off, evolving and building a reputation for their ‘impact’ in the marketplace. In the case of height increasing exercise equipment, this is especially true. Many products are priced to move moderately slow without qualifying as an expensive product. The way to follow this train of thought is to look at the hat markets and how they are managed.

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Let’s take a look at a few of the broad categories.

There are two primary categories of hits. The first is what I would refer to as the ‘max effort’ category. These products are designed to offer a customer a great deal of value for their investment. This is a useful category for both men and women. There are a number of opportunities out there for all types of fitness equipment. My preference has always been in for the best bang for the buck. That is what this product is. For many people, their fitness fallacies are built on these types of hits.

The second category is the fitness fallacy’. This is where the product sinks without noticeable soundness. This is a category that is predominantly women, but there are some good men’s hits on the market (shoe lifts for example). The statement that women will not jump or run after a vertical jump of 9 inches is not necessarily true. That is only a 9 inch height difference. 9 inch stomachs and humongs – I challenge anyone to find any meaning or value in 9 inch difference. The fact that 9 inches is the difference between a fat belly and a flat belly is dubious at best.

Regardless the category you fall into, you can bet that 23 ½ inches is no good. Unless you can add muscle or lose fat doing the workouts, you need at a minimum to change your diet, you need to change your trainers, you need to change your diet, you need to change your trainers, you need to change your diet, you need to change your trainers, you need to change your diet, and you need to change your shopping habits.

23 ½ inches is just not enough for any of the regular fitness timers out there. You would need at least gain 18 inches on your vertical jump, 30 inches on your squat, 35 inches on your bench, 50 inches on your deadlift, and 65 inches on your power cleans to get to a comfortable weight for you. That’s only some of the basic factors for max fitness Jillian Michaels uses in her program, you can’t mention all of them because the fact is that 23 ½ inches is only the beginning of the fitness challenges you will face in following programs.

Is this program worth the $47.00 dollars extraordinary price? Well, considering that you only need to purchase the 19-week fitness program, the answer would have to be yes. By following the model workouts and applying the fitness philosophy, you will have a body that is well-built for the serious fitness trainer. When researching fitness programs, it would be a poor recommendation to suggest that you should spend a small fortune to take care of your body, because the fact is that if you are serious about fitness and its importance to your body, you have to willing to spend the hard-earned money to make the right purchases.

If you are the type of person that likes to save money in any way that you can, you will discover that you have many unique exercise opportunities to choose from. For instance, you will be able to choose whether you want to focus on weight lifting or bodybuilding. The fact is that focusing on weight lifting without properly utilizing the nutritional needs of the body is likely to result in little progress, while concentrating on the bodybuilding without proper nourishment. If you do make the decision to invest in your own fitness program, you will discover that you develop your own routine that easily fits into any schedule for accomplishing what you need to in a timely manner. The ease with which this approach is able to be applied will result in a deep level of satisfaction, since you will be able to experience a fitness program that is very effective in meeting your personal goals.

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