Comfortably Fit A Five-Piece Suit

A man’s suit has two distinct purposes. On one hand, it is a shiny accessory that demonstrates his style. On the other, it is a purely functional jacket that serves a number of purposes, especially in business and formal settings. The fit of a suit is particularly important because a well-fitting jacket will allow easy movement and therefore be more comfortable to wear. Many men who wear a vest or jacket have difficulty finding a comfortable pair. The construction of a suit jacket is often based on function rather than style, as it is intended to be practical, versatile, and comfortable.

The fit of a men’s jacket is usually determined by the style of the wearer’s trousers. A man who prefers a slim fitting jacket should look for one that has a slim fitting through the leg, particularly of those jackets which are especially designed for men. Squarer collars are usually more flexible; a little baggy though, which is perfectly acceptable. Single breasted jackets are a standard option for men.

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Sizing is also important, and a well-made suit jacket will feel more substantial and comfortable because you have made an effort to ensure its size. A suit jacket should fit just snug, not too tightly or too loosely. An too tight suit jacket will look less durable and often detract from the fashion statement you are making. The onus is on the manufacturer to take care of you, not on you to take care of it.

Most men, whether employed in a business or not, prefer a suit that is easily worn with a pair of comfortable trousers. Trousers should come snugly fitting into the pocket, not too loose so that it is not noticeable against your own personal jeans, which should worn as-is. Wearing a tighter pair of trousers will invariably mean you cannot easily wear your suit jacket, so it is best to opt for a number of different styles to ensure that you find a pair that offers you both comfort and durability.

A vast array of fabrics, colors, and patterns are available for men to choose from. A couple of the main types of men’s suit jackets are, depending on your preference, leather jackets (for men who wear them, or just want to look classy), cotton jackets ( Geo Mosley, Donnegans, etc. ) and military-inspired jackets (D boys, hunters, hunters, and sea-levelers). If you lean towards the army side of things, then blue is a great choice, and jackets can be charcoal, desert, or black. The most formal looking jackets are usually dry-fit, and feature an adjustable draw cord.

The traditional cuff is often found on the wrong side of the jacket, often at the throat. Anti-snake and non-metallic in design, the cuffs are meant to keep the jacket from unwrapping over thepiring suit lapels. The most classic and well-made button-up front jacket is the Woody Harrelson ‘New Yorkaker’ Jacket. You have the option of the ‘amped’ look with the fully enclosed breast pocket and snap button closure, or the ‘ reconstruct’ look where the jacket is worn with an open front with a plain pocket, but with a snap button closure which adds the added snap, as well as being fully enclosed.

As far as stretch fabrics and additional features go, the biggest names include Celly, Terry, and Don. Lee. As for materials go, the usual is cotton – it’s lightweight, unevenly textured, and just generally looks nice. Cotton is fairly secure and cool, but it does wrinkle, so another feature to consider when buying a jacket is whether or not it wears efficiently. Stretch fabrics are more comfortable than cotton, but they are a little more prone to creasing, as well. Pants range from elastic front style, cargo pants, to Denim pants, which have both fit and comfort features.

Style options of suit jackets tend to lean toward the classic look, ‘ suppleness’ and subtlety, with patterns, embroidery, or small pockets of patchwork rather than beingfloating captain’s blocks ‘in the headlights’. A classic suit jacket has three buttons on the front and two on the back, has two breast pockets with onearger pocket to its rear and one smaller pocket on the left breast. Doublets (or doublets with front panel) are too long and may catch on the tail-boom of a moving vehicle.

A two piece suit jacket might again lean toward the classic, instead of going for the design of the Monthnie fabric, which gives a softer appearance. A advancer suit is a good example of this. It is cover less, but gives a good mix of structure and originality.

The modern jacket has three large pockets on the front and two smaller ones on the back.

Alison Hernandez