A Monarch Strap Should Be The Perfect Accessory For A Man’s Wardrobe

white dress shirt hanging on brown wooden cabinet

A man’s accessories stand as a representation of the type of man he is. They are a mix of what he wears, what he has, and of course what he uses. A true gentleman always notices the details. The same cloth, same material, same mechanism, same model, same anything… These details all boil down to one thing: how a man shows himself. He uses what he has, he appreciates what he has and he always makes the time to make sure he knows what he has.

A man is also very cognizant of his environment. He is aware that what he wears can cast an ocean of charm over everything else. A gentleman never sacrifices himself for fashion. In fact, he will go out of his way to make sure that what he wears will reflect his personal taste for fashion. The gentleman knows that good taste is not about wearing things that are in fashion these days. Good taste is about wearing clothes that will always fit him just right.

But with these principles in mind, what does a man wear? The man in black. That’s what he wears. A gentleman has a certain scent that he uses perfectlyumes. The main thing that affects how a man smells is the scent he inhales. He uses cologne. Actually, he probably also uses a body spray. He is aware of how important scents are in affecting the way a man feels about himself.

For those who are still wondering, yes, a gentleman does need to have a certain amount of courage to wear those cologne’s and to wear black. The courage required to wear the cologne is self-produced. The man made the cologne. His body is the best cologne in the world.

Yes, definitely. As much as he can afford it. Because the man is always in control. Now, how does this apply to the Monarch Cologne? You might say that this is about as far from aggressive as you can get. How does a man wearing this cologne feel about himself? Good. Because the man is a winner. A winner because he chose to wear the best cologne in the world. Because he knows that this is a man who wears his nerve.

Because the man knows that he is a winner.


Because a man knows that he is a winner.

Because a man knows that he can win with something.

Because a man knows that the cologne he wears, and the look he wore, is perfect for him.

Because the man is comfortable in his own skin.

Because the man is comfortable in his own skin because he spent a lot of money on it.

Because the man is confident in his own sensibility.

Because the man is proud of his own identity.

Because the man is comfortable in his work.

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person holding white and black striped shirt
Alison Hernandez