3. Outdoor Toys

Toys come and go in cycles of resin castings called resin beads. The latest resin bead technology has brought the captures resin requirements all in one super efficient production line.

outdoor toys are made of a resilient material that is made up of a 16 carat gold fluorite powder mixed with resin and a sci resin compound.

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The combination of super strength fluorite and resin creates a powder that is as tough as nylon with a lot more flexible tape.

This combination is more robust than polyethylene plastic foam and will last for 20 years as long as the original plastic parts are used.

Outdoor toys are available in many shapes and sizes and are priced for from around £5 s.o.c. to £20 s.o.c. if you buy 1200 pieces.

Some of the more popular outdoor toys are

Water guns – very popular and safe with an 8 year warranty. The guns are tall self inflated drums that shoot out water mega foam.

Darts – the standard plastic ones that float. These are safe and made from strong high quality vinyl.

Baseball bats – one of the most popular outdoor toys. They are made from heavy coated aluminum metal that is powder coated. There are three main types of bases available these are single, double and triple.

They are available in two heights and come with a center massager that helps with improving strength and alignment. Handles are also available so you can choose what feels most comfortable for you. These are available for between £5 and £10.

Another game, ropes – these are a very old game but have been around for hundreds of years. Ropes are made from a very robust material and are available in a wide range of widths.

They are used for all age groups and for all types of water sports.

For example someone may be interested in rowing machine toys they can choose between telescope toys which make up terrain by country, states or regions andwingral games which make up these terrain.

There are plenty of fishing games which are available on the web you can choose frompaddle toysand fishing rods. Another game popular in the summer are sky diving and mining mineral bars.

The Funky Radke is a unique and challenging toy that involves a series of complicated physical tests. These tests can be performed whilst wearing a special outfits that make you move around like a “floating head” and tests that will help to decide who is the ultimate rider.

The Funky Radke series involves 5 available games with different obstacles each game being performance oriented to increase your chance of passing the tests. The finale challenge is the inflatable obstacle that has you sliding down into the pool of water.

The Funky Radke Tricycle is the last of the Funky Radke series and is great fun for all the family. Tricycles are made up of a retro tubular metal frame, colourful retro tires and a springy reworkedRadio system.

The Radke Tricycle is available now, stay tuned for more news on Funky Radke toys.

For children aged 6 years and up the Funky Radke Tryst is the one that got the ball rolling ( literally ) the Tryst comes with a chromed steel detachable seat similar in design to the replacement seats for cars. The Tryst comes with a roll bar for additional support and a foot rest.

The Funky Radke Jukebox holds up to 3 skateboards (or similar size vehicles). It has a platform so you can sit and ride it around. It has a removable floor board that can be easily cleaned and ensures a “skid-free” ride. The Tryst comes with a “backlit blue LCD” monitor that makes the experience of flying a toy car as realistic as can be.

There are 3 types of environments when you choose to use the Funky Radke Tryst; Small Area Large Area and Free-Range.

The Small Area option has a track that is three foot wide by eight feet long and is great for any size child from the age of 3 to 9 years old. The large option has a track that is eight feet wide by 17 feet long and is also great for 3 to 9 year olds. Although the size of the area is what lets you track objects, it doesn’t allow very well-controlled steering movement. The Free-Range option has a tractor style control that allows the Tryst to steer with the placement of the controller. It is recommended that you use this model for older children who are over the age of three.

There is a ramp built into the Tryst that makes it easier to get the kids out and about. However, it is not recommended that you tow across public roadways or through neighborhood doorways as the Tryst is light in weight and it does not conform to the railings.

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